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Our products are part of an overall approach to health based on the rejuvenating and revitalizing properties of medicinal plants. Used for millennia to maintain good health and ease certain aches and pains, namely in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, medicinal plants have practically no side effect when used as directed.

Our products are formulated to get the most out of compatible and stimulating combinations of traditional medicinal plants. They are offered in two galenic forms: herbal teas, which contain cut and dried medicinal plants, and capsules, which contain medicinal plants in powder form or concentrated extract.

Would you like more information? Please read our product monographs in each product window, by clicking on "References".


Respecting the environment...

At a time like ours, marked by our entry into the ecological era, we have to be more and more careful about the way we use natural resources. JL 2000 inc. is doing its part by taking all possible measures to reduce to a strict minimum the green house gases caused by the manufacture of its products.

For example, since October 1, 2008, we have replaced all our NATURELLA-brand herbal tea packaging. Our herbal teas are now packaged in a recycled cardboard box that has been completely redesigned, is much more attractive, but -- above all -- much more ecological. Result: we have eliminated recycled plastic, a petroleum-based material, which takes years to decompose and pollutes the environment.

We are always looking for new ideas in order to develop our line of products. Your comments and suggestions will therefore be most welcome.

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