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In order to reassure consumers looking for natural health products that are safe, and to provide complete information concerning their use, Health Canada established new Natural Health Products Regulations. According to the new regulations that came into force on January 1, 2004, to be implemented progressively over the following two to six years, Health Canada requires that all natural health products legally sold in Canada carry a Natural Product Number (NPN).

The NPN is proof that a natural health product has been manufactured according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) established by Health Canada. To obtain a product license, manufacturers must comply with standards and procedures concerning the manufacturing, the storage, the handling and the distribution of natural health products. Product licenses can only be issued by Health Canada. The safety, the efficacy and the quality of a product must be reviewed and approved by Health Canada before a license is issued in order to ensure that the product does have the qualities and virtues mentioned on the label.

Naturella presently has 13 Natural Product Numbers (NPN)

Always on the cutting edge in its industry, and because it wants to offer its clients products of superior quality that have an added value, Naturella requested product licenses as soon as the new regulations came into force. Naturella presently holds 13 NPN and all of its product lines will be validated before the compliance date established by Health Canada so that consumers can have access to all the company’s products.

Customer protection is extremely important for Naturella and that’s why the company is committed to providing products with labels that comply with the most rigorous standards: information such as the product name, the dosage, quantity included, warnings, possible undesirable side effects and contraindications, are clearly presented. Finally, Naturella must ensure that its books and registers are accurate in order to trace any product that is defective or that has been contaminated during the different steps of the manufacturing and distribution processes.


The family is growing

Naturella has added six new products to its current line in order to 
satisfy customers and meet a growing demand. Three new products have been added in the Laxative, Digestion and Sleep categories, and three others been included in three new categories: Energy, Cold and Heart. True to its commitment, Naturella offers all of its new products in the form of herbal teas or capsules.


Naturella’s web site reflects the company’s constant commitment to provide complete and accurate information. All the product monographs are clearly presented. Thanks to the References toogle tab, consumers can access pertinent information concerning a product’s properties, including active components and source materials. More information about a product monograph can be obtained through additional web links.

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